Ken Kaneki and Esperit

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Ken Kaneki and Esperit

Staff in question: Ken Kaneki and Esperit

What did they do?: abuse of powers, they never responded to any admin call, not even in chat, then they also falsly warned me and my friends, plus he kicked me and my friends multipul times with no reason, he even warned my friend because some one SAID HE KILLED HIM, no sit, he said he doesnet need to do a sit

Estimated time: all day

Evidence (Must include Pictures and/or Recorded Videos):



Please get proof

And also if you can grammar.

english is not my first and

english is not my first and the video is posting on youtube rn will link soon



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Need Evidence



Ken Kaneki
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Ok Lets start with this.

Everyday you get on and bitch and moan about the staff not saying you can but the thing is you been a complete ass to us Badmins and such you keep going and I have other staff that will get on and support me because you kept going and going and going I said stop more than once I warned you before keep going and ill kick I was not in the mood to warn because you kept going.

yeah bullshit, you do nothing

yeah bullshit, you do nothing but sit in the admin zone and fucking jack off with the other admins

Well, they both never

Well, they both never responded to my mass rdm call and took action until someone started a votekick against the person.

Plus you get offended so easily, you're willing to kick off that person that's talking about you.

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Honestly, Degen linked me to this and said "have fun" but all I'm really seeing is some bitchy players that can log off whenever they want because, to quote, "this server sucks". When you were kicked for "Warned you.." that was a completely valid kick because all you were doing was starting shit in the chat. 

Okay so right now you're complaining about how your friend RDM'd someone but got warned for RDMing? I honestly can't continue to respond here so this is my final response:

If you don't like the fucking server, then stop trying to start shit over nothing. The only problem I've seen is that Ken didn't go into a sit with Sadistic but he could have been spectating. You three are a bunch of bitchy, salty players complaining over nothing just to get him demoted. If the server "sucks so much" how about you stop being immature children and just leave? Because, honestly, the server would be better without you three cancerous players. It's kind of funny that you call Ken salty and our server cancerous when you three are right there with it: salty and cancerous.

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