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General Server Rules


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General Rules


Death Rules


Base Rules


Raiding/Mugging/Kidnapping ETC. Rules


Prop Rules


Job Rules

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1. You must ROLEPLAY your actual job, you cannot go around and be a goof ball retard, if you want to, go join Void DarkRP, otherwise, actually prepare to roleplay.


2. If you're a gunstore owner or anyone who can basically 'self supply' with weaponry, you can ONLY do this ONCE. Only once, not once a day, not once a week, once your entire playtime on the server.


3. Don't be rude to players or admins. If you're mad for losing a weapon, car, job, etc. Deal with it.

If a staff member of any kind isn't doing their job and you're mad about it. Talk to them about it, maybe give them advice. 

If they are rude to you, inform a superadmin, co-owner, the owner, or report them on the website.

If a staff member is rude to you or is abusing you, inform any type of high-ranking staff member or report them on the forums. We are very serious about abusive staff, so please do not refrain from reporting a staff member.


4. Don't spam the chat.


5. Respect the server rules and management. If you don't like something, give a reason why and maybe give your opinion on how to improve it, but don't expect your opinion to be used.


6. Don't Exploit/Hack, simple as that.


7. Don't impersonate staff, even as a joke.  New players may be unsure if you're actually staff.


8. Don't spam the admin chat or mock staff if they're not responding to your call. Staff are not obligated to go to you and help you if they're not on duty. When a staff member is on duty or feels like it, they'll go to you.

If you be a prick about it, you'll lose privileges from sending requests through admin chat. Staff are human beings too, not robots. They need their time to relax and enjoy themselves and not feel like they have to constantly work.

They're volunteers, they're not being paid by the hour. So they're not forced to go to every single call.

So think again before sending out reports. If they don't respond. Don't pressure them to, they'll eventually come. Even if it's hours later.


8. Do not destroy radios without reason, it's not cool. If it's earrape, something disgusting, or not even music. Go ahead, otherwise let the DJ do their job. Be warned; if you destroy a DJ's radio, they are allowed to kill you.


9. FAILRP, basically if you don't roleplay, you're a retard.


10. RDA in other words, don't randomly cuff, you're a fucking cop, not a fucking inbred who thinks they can get off jerking it to people being cuffed and arresting them.


11. Do NOT demote players for rule breaking if a staff is online. If a player is breaking 'RDM' do NOT demote them for it, report them with (@). If you demote them for the reason of 'RDM' you'll be warned for back-seat moderating as non-staff.

You also cannot kill players if they break a server rule. If a staff member is on, report the offense using staff chat (@). Any kills, arrests, etc, you make trying to be a 'server vigilante' will be counted as normal rdm/rda/etc and you will be punished like normal.

If a staff member is not online try demoting the player and/or votekicking them. You can access votekick by going into the ULX menu (!menu in chat), going to the 'voting' tab, and selecting 'votekick'. If you are to abuse votekick, you will have access revoked temporarily and you will be given a warn. If you do it again, you will have your access revoked permanently.


12. For sprays you can spray just about anything, just nothing illegal or pornographic. However nudity is allowed, as long as it's 'tasteful' not a dude ripping his ass open (most of you know what I mean). If do choose to spray nudity the person (or people) in the spray MUST be 18+ no exceptions. If you're spraying someones home address or IP, this is NOT allowed either. Spraying any of these will result in a permanent ban and your IP will be reported to the feds.


13. Don't advertise other community servers, unless it's owned or partnered with Void Community. It's very disrespectful and you'll be permanently banned.


14. Do NOT spam the piano and play obnoxious stuff by face rolling your keyboard. It's annoying for everyone to hear and will bother players joining the server and any new players joining in. This is a kick-able offense, so beware. If you break this more than once, it will turn into a ban.


15. If you're to play anything 18+ in the Cinema and there's no Cinema Owner, put a text screen sign outside of the theater saying 18+. If you don't do this, your video will be skipped and you will be warned.


16. Don't bodyblock, or expect to die. No really, it may be roleplay but it's obnoxious if you just stand in their way for no reason. They have the rights to kick your ass if you do.


17. Do NOT interrupt admin sits. If you bother a staff member during a sit, you WILL get into trouble.


19. If you're arrested, but you don't die in prison, you may kill the person who arrested you. Unless they've changed jobs from being any type of Law Enforcement.


20. Death is quite devistating, so avoid it, and avoid killing others. As money and weapons are not easy to come by.

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1. We have only a small amount of RDM, basically don't go around randomly murdering for the laughs, it's not funny, it's stupid.



2. NLR is usually the same, if you die, you forget your entire past life, everything, home, cars, weapons, friends, lovers, pets, etc. Infact if you die, you're to type /unownalldoors.

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1. No one is allowed to build a base unless it's the Mafia/Bloodz/Cripz. However they can 'only' do this if their leader (The Don, Bloodz Boss, Cripz Boss) end up finding a location for their 'gang' and 'purchase' that property (to purchase a property contact the owner for details).


2. You may own houses and build in your homes, just decorate them like a usual house, same with any shops you own. Just you cannot make some retarded base. Fading doors don't exist.


3. If someone is TRESSPASSING in your store/home, they're allowed to be killed on sight, no stupid sign saying KOS.

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1. For raiding, you don't advert, you just fucking barge in guns blazing. Seriously. Just don't keep raiding the same place over and over and over, give it an hour break in between.


2. How to kidnap properly; Cuff the player, inform the player they are being kidnapped, and drag them to your dungeon. 

The maximum length to kidnap is 30 minutes.

If you're kidnapped you're to roleplay along with it, and the kidnapper must roleplay along with it, either be very awkward and strange around you, or some other shit. You must play along. The player who's kidnapped is allowed to break free of their cuffs, but they're to be expected to try to be stealthy on their escape.


3. Tried adverting? Too bad, doesn't exist, only for shop owners to advertise their place.


4. You CANNOT scam people if you're a Government Offical or Law Enforcement.


5. During a raid you CANNOT pocket/inventory ANYTHING in there, you MUST bring it out with your gravity-gun. No exceptions. If you're found pocketing/inventoring during a raid you WILL get those items wiped and warned. If you keep doing it, your entire inventory and item bank will be wiped completely.

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1. Don't spawn random stuff. Don't prop minge like a twat. Spawn proper props for decorating your homes/stores.

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**Job Rules**

1. Simple, roleplay your actual job, Citizen's can do Citizen stuff, that includes stealing and such. Be your ACTUAL JOB and don't be a retard.

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