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Staff List
This is a list of the current staff members on Void DarkRP. If you'd like to contact one of these staff members, you can click on their name. The link redirects you to their profile.

This list was last updated on February 24, 2017.

Owner - DegenerateManiac

Co-Owner - Mikidy, YOUR WORST TACO

Chief of Staff - JustbFrank 

Head Admin - Ethan

Staff Instructor - Blitz, Savage

Super Admin - 4.6 Shades of Cat, Holo

Admin - Ghostv2, Scrubcake, Oni, Crev, TechniKal, Rook, PuppedEader,

Operator - Esperit, MabyaWolf, Double E, Doomsday796, Old Gregg the 2nd, PeasantFish, a-man, Cows, Kam Jew, Spector, Rage Cat

Trial-Operators - 22carber, minority monkey, meatwagon_jr, Toxiic Panda

I don't have the inspiration nor patience to update this daily so please don't bother me about it. If any of the links are faulty contact me.