Burden of life

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Burden of life

I inhale softly,

Air fills my lungs,

A small tickle,

Disrupts my gentle breath,

I cough and sputter,

The menacing feeling of death.


Sounds so sweet,

purred from a sub,

gentle on the ears,

but then a pitch too high,

strikes me in my place,

I feel my hearing slowly die.


I stare at magic pictures,

Flowing on a screen,

dancing mystic figures,

Cloud my normal view,

Silhouettes dance to and fro,

Vision leaves my crew.


I walk across a park,

Smile on my face,

That quickly turns sour,

Twisting pains from my breast

I seize and fall over

My heart still trying its best


Soft white,

Simple colors,

Fill my days of peace,

As I lie there patiently,

Connected to a machine,

My kidneys both failed me.


Colorful pills,

Small gulps of water,

Sooth my growing pain,

I lie twisting in turmoil,

Waiting for the sweet release,

The day I become soil.


I inhale softly,

Rough air flows in,

Stuck in a tomb,

No escape from me,

Twas my final breath,

I am finally free.

Noot Nooty
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Brings a tear to my eye

I can't read

What the fuck is this, please tell me because i cant read and honestly i dont know how i know how to type

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please post more nerd

please post more nerd

Gay Rattlesnake

that made me wett

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Never Forgetti moms spaghetti

Never Forgetti moms spaghetti