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General Server Rules





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General Rules


Death Rules


Base Rules


Raiding/Mugging/Kidnapping ETC. Rules


Prop Rules


Party Rules


Job Rules


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0. Read the job descriptions to know their rules so you wont get in trouble!


1. You may only self supply yourself ONE shipment of weapons. Not an entire aresonal.


2. Don't be rude to players or admins. If you're mad for losing a weapon, car, job, etc. Deal with it.

If a staff member of any kind isn't doing their job and you're mad about it. Talk to them about it, maybe give them advice. 

If they are rude to you, inform a superadmin, co-owner, the owner, or report them on the website.

If a staff member is rude to you or is abusing you, inform any type of high-ranking staff member or report them on the forums. We are very serious about abusive staff, so please do not refrain from reporting a staff member.


3. Don't spam the chat. This includes Voice Chat (aka mic spam). If you play music or use an intelligible voice changer pitch that ear rapes or cannot be understood, this'll be considered mic spam. If you play loud sounds of any kind over your mic, that'll also be marked as mic spam.


4. Respect the server rules and management. If you don't like something, give a reason why and maybe give your opinion on how to improve it, but don't expect your opinion to be used.


5. Don't Exploit/Hack, simple as that.


6. Don't impersonate staff, even as a joke.  New players may be unsure if you're actually staff.


7. Don't spam the admin chat or mock staff if they're not responding to your call. Staff are not obligated to go to you and help you if they're not on duty. When a staff member is on duty or feels like it, they'll go to you.

If you be a prick about it, you'll lose privileges from sending requests through admin chat. Staff are human beings too, not robots. They need their time to relax and enjoy themselves and not feel like they have to constantly work.

They're volunteers, they're not being paid by the hour. So they're not forced to go to every single call.

So think again before sending out reports. If they don't respond. Don't pressure them to, they'll eventually come. Even if it's hours later.


8. Do not destroy radios without reason, it's not cool. If it's earrape, something disgusting, or not even music. Go ahead, otherwise let the DJ do their job. Be warned; if you destroy a DJ's radio, they are allowed to kill you.


9. FAILRP is the same as job abuse. So if a player is being 'corrupt' and they're not allowed to be corrupt, that's failrp also known as job abuse.

Something is considered FailRP when your roleplay character does something unprobable. However here on Void we don't have the same rp rules as other servers. Here, there is no FearRP. All other FailRP rules still apply.

When you don't have FearRP on a server, your character is not afraid of death. You can kill your muggers, break free of cuffs, and other sorts of things that would make your character scared for his/her life. 

Metagaming is when you look at the job/playermodel and know exactly what they are. You can break Metagame by commiting an act on someone that you could only know if you knew what job they were (e.g. a cop instantly arrests a thief because they're a thief).


10. RDA can be aggravating for players who haven't done anything wrong. If you are RDA'd just report the players name in staff chat and claim they RDA'd you. If a staff member does not respond, refer to rule 7.


11. Do NOT demote players for rule breaking if a staff is online. If a player is breaking 'RDM' do NOT demote them for it, report them with (@). If you demote them for the reason of 'RDM' you'll be warned for back-seat moderating as non-staff.

You also cannot kill players if they break a server rule. If a staff member is on, report the offense using staff chat (@). Any kills, arrests, etc, you make trying to be a 'server vigilante' will be counted as normal rdm/rda/etc and you will be punished like normal.

If a staff member is not online try demoting the player and/or votekicking them. You can access votekick by going into the ULX menu (!menu in chat), going to the 'voting' tab, and selecting 'votekick'. If you are to abuse votekick, you will have access revoked temporarily and you will be given a warn. If you do it again, you will have your access revoked permanently.


12. For sprays you can spray just about anything, just nothing illegal or pornographic. However nudity is allowed, as long as it's 'tasteful' not a dude ripping his ass open (most of you know what I mean). If do choose to spray nudity the person (or people) in the spray MUST be 18+ no exceptions. If you're spraying someones home address or IP, this is NOT allowed either. Spraying any of these will result in a permanent ban and your IP will be reported to the feds.


13. Don't advertise other community servers, unless it's owned or partnered with Void Community. It's very disrespectful and you'll be permanently banned.


14. Do NOT play music as a Disco Jockey in/near spawn or the Cinema.


15. Do NOT spam the piano and play obnoxious stuff by face rolling your keyboard. It's annoying for everyone to hear and will bother players joining the server and any new players joining in. This is a kick-able offense, so beware. If you break this more than once, it will turn into a ban.


16. If you're to play anything 18+ in the Cinema and there's no Cinema Owner, put a text screen sign outside of the theater saying 18+. If you don't do this, your video will be skipped and you will be warned.


17. If you bodyblock, expect to die.


18. Do NOT interrupt admin sits. If you bother a staff member during a sit, you WILL get into trouble.


19. If you're arrested, but you don't die in prison, you may kill the person who arrested you. Unless they've changed jobs from being any type of Law Enforcement.


20. Players cannot stand ontop of Rocket Raccoon, or Alma, or Antman to trap them, and be able to kidnap/mug them, etc.


21. You CANNOT build in the mining area, AT ALL. Not even a small base, NOTHING IS ALLOWED TO BE BUILT THERE.


22. You cannot have more than 20 ultimate printers (this also includes Magma versions) placed on the server, you may have as many as you want in your inventory, but you cannot place more than 20.


23. If you're a Law Enforcement and an ATM is being hacked inside of a megabase, you may warrant the megabase and raid as needed. Even if the owner of the megabase isn't involved, you may warrant their base.


24. As a Weapons Dealer of any kind, you CANNOT sell guns while having a "building" sign up.


25. If an admin claims something isn't allowed, however it isn't in the rules at the current time, too bad, you're to listen to the admin regardless, you're to use common sense. This rule doesn't involve trial-operators and operators, only admins and above. However if you feel the admin is being retarded and making up their own rules like saying "you can't place a hit on one punch man or I'll warn you" then it's required you report them on the site as this is unacceptable behavior.


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1. RDM:

At Void we handle RDM(Random Deathmatch) in a unique way. By this, we mean that certain jobs can kill each other without punishment, such as Gangsters and Mafia. If you are killed as one of these jobs in this way, do not call RDM because staff will NOT respond. However, if you believe that you were killed without valid reason, please ask in admin chat (@). Questions or complaints in OOC/Advert will most likely be ignored.

For example: If you are a Bloodz and Cripz, you are allowed to kill each other if conflict were to occur. If you happen to be one of these jobs (Bloodz or Cripz) you will most certainly die, so do not call RDM. Law Enforcement and the Mafia may also intervene at any time.

However, if someone is mass RDMing, or killing loads of people without a plausible reason, please contact staff using admin chat to have the issue addressed.

If you call RDM too often (around 3 times) and none of your RDM reports have been legit, you will lose access to (@) temporarily and given a warn, especially if they are targeted towards a single player. Repeat offenses will result in a permanent revokation of your @ command and further punishment.


2. NLR:

On most servers, NLR, or the New Life Rule, means that you cannot return to the scene of your death, continue what you were doing, or having any interaction with the player or party members that are in a party with the player who killed you for a certain period of time after you respawn. 

Here at Void, NLR is only enforced in that you cannot kill the player that killed you within five (5) minutes of your death. You are free to return to your base as soon as you respawn and continue what you were doing, such as maintaining money printers, creating drugs, or selling weapons. However you cannot pick up your guns/money that you may of dropped. If the killed player is a Hitman, you are NOT allowed to accept a hit on the killing player during that 5 minute period, or you will be punished with a warn and !jailing of 5 minutes.

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1. One way props and bases... You cannot have more than 5 one way props in your entire base. Plus, you CANNOT make a maze out of just one ways. These prevent people from wanting to raid, infact it makes it nearly impossible. Sure you want to protect your ass at all cost, but it discourages raiding, therefore making what you're 'protecting' forever protected and never at risk. We highly recommend you use one way props as WINDOWS and not as 'walls'. If you're found to be using more than 5 props as one ways a staff member will most likely warn you and possibly remove your base forcing you to restart. Or at least removing a certain number until you have the maximum of 5.


2. Bases with fake keypads, are unacceptable. Each keypad must open up the nearest door. You cannot have a keypad that doesn't open up anything. Nor can you have a keypad that opens up a prop somewhere random in your base. It MUST open up the nearest fading door. You however CAN use ONE keypad to open up the same fading door, if it can be accessed by both sides of the prop. Also you can only have 5 seconds MINIMUM for all keypads.


3. Bases that force players to crouch are not acceptable if you must have a crouched part, the player(s) may ONLY be forced crouched for about 3 seconds maximum during their entire raid time. Bases with props that are invisible are also again, not tolerated on Void. this is to prevent people from getting lost in mazes people like to build.

However if you make a maze that you and others find awesome, ask permission by a staff member if it's allowed.


4. You cannot have a building sign if you have illegal items. (Money printers/Drugs/etc.) If you do have a building sign up, and any of these items inside of the building, the sign WILL NOT protect you from being raided.

If you're prop blocking your house with a building sign up and you do not have any illegal items, this is ok. However if you DO have illegal items, this is NOT ok and you will be warned for prop block and your props will be removed to create a pathway.


5. Fading Door Abuse, Don't use the fading door to get in and out of situations without struggle, such as pressing the hotkey to trigger the fading door and you walking through it and then letting it go, preventing any possible person who's chasing you to be forced to hack the keypad. Instead go up to your keypad, use the keypad, then go through.

You can only use the hotkey for your fading door if you're not attempting to escape danger (being raided/chased/etc). If you're using a fading door, you must have a keypad to be able to activate the fading door.

This also include if someone successfully cracks a keypad and then you press the fading door key making the prop re-appear again. Use the keypad.

Finally, you can't press the hotkey to cause a prop to fade shoot someone then let go of the key to bring up the prop again, use the keypad.

Also along with Fading doors, your base CANNOT have more than 5 fading doors, unless you have a party member. Each party member allows 5 extra fading doors. But YOU cannot have more than 5, your party member(s) will have to make thier OWN fading doors in your base.


6. You can't own an entire 'district'. Unless you're given permission by staff and you have a players that can occupy ALL of the buildings you'll be claiming. However if it's the district with the bank, you CANNOT block off the bank AT ALL. You have to provide a clear non-obstructive path to and from the bank from BOTH TUNNELS entering the district.


7. If you're planning on killing players to protect your base, you will NEED a K.O.S sign. This sign must be in view of your bases enterance. You must have logical reasons to kill players. Exmaples are if they look at your base; that is not grounds for execution, they must be trespassing.


8. Nocollided prop bases. These are allowed, yes, however since there's so many people making these retarded bases, you MUST have your nocollided prop obvious, either have it hinted in a text screen, different color, or something like that. It must be obvious so people won't feel you're prop blocking.


9. Solid color prop mazes are not allowed. These mazes or rooms consisting of solid colored props to make it extremely difficult to raid, due to you not being able to know where you're going. It can cause a lot of issues. However, if you would still like to decorate an entire room with props, you may make the walls, ceiling and floors different colors so you can have a sense of direction.

However, like the no-colide rule, if you would like to keep your base how it is you may ask a staff member to review it and ask if they'll allow it.


10. Trap doors of any kind, such as fading doors or nocollide, etc. are NOT allowed.


11. Materials that can cause nausea or possibly seizures are NOT allowed, such as the material that lets you see what your screen shows.



Protip: Is someone raiding you? Don't tell the admins a player is raiding you instead call the cops type /cr in chat.

For example someone is raiding you do this: /cr help I'm being raided I'm located near/at [insert location].

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1. You must wait 5 minutes before mugging another player again. Wait 15 minutes before mugging the same player again. Maximum mugging price is $25,000.

Plus, you MUST give players AT LEAST 5 seconds to drop the money, you CANNOT go under 5 seconds.


2. You must wait 10 minutes before raiding again. Wait 40 minutes before raiding the same base again. 


3. How to kidnap properly; Cuff the player, inform the player they are being kidnapped, and drag them to your dungeon. 

The maximum length to kidnap is 15 minutes. Unless there is a 'roleplay' event happening where the kidnapee is playing his/her role as being kidnapped, you cannot go over the 15 minute limit. (You will be asked if it's a 'nice roleplay' event or not.)

You can ONLY kidnap a player once every 10 minutes.

To kidnap a player you MUST have cuffs. If you cuff someone and are kidnapping them, they are allowed to break free and it would not be considered FailRP. 


4. Don't use /advert unless it involves advertising a shop or raiding. You don't need to advertise mugging you're able to do this stuff freely. However you cannot type /advert and do 'base take over', you MUST leave.

If you're going to mug a player TYPE IN THE CHAT you're mugging them, so incase a player tries to report RDM on you. The staff can read chat logs and see you typed it in.


5. You CANNOT scam people UNLESS you're the job Thief or Professional Thief. You cannot /job or claim you're a thief. Only these two SPECIFIC jobs can scam. Plus you cannot make the deal as a job that can't scam, change to Thief or Professional Thief, and then carry out the deal. You must be the Thief or Professional Thief to make the deal and carry out the deal. Job abuse rule applies (as in you can't change to Thief/Professional Thief, make a valid deal, then change back to something that can't scam).

This is also included if a player is to be purchasing something from you, and you destroy the money dropped and not provide them what they were purchasing.


6. During a raid you CANNOT pocket/inventory ANYTHING in there, you MUST bring it out with your gravity-gun. No exceptions. If you're found pocketing/inventoring during a raid you WILL get those items wiped and warned. If you keep doing it, your entire inventory and item bank will be wiped completely.

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1. Invisible props are ONLY allowed to be used as 'windows' you CANNOT use them for walls, ONLY as windows.


2. If you're a runner, or have a saber, or what not. You must MUST have the ability for players to get to your base, no matter what. 

If a normal player can't get to your base, your base would be considered unraidable. This will lead to a verbal warning, with further offenses leading to harsher punishment.


3. Don't prop minge. This means stuff like prop climbing, prop spamming, smashing props on the ground, and prop blocking. If you're not sure how to use/create a fading door and/or keypad please contact a staff member using (@) before your message. You may also not have floating bases, even if the entrance does connect to the ground. All bases must be on the ground.


4. You cannot spawn a prop outside someones base (even as a homeless) to then materialize it and see into that players base.

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1. If you're with a group of friends in a party, and you mug a player, your whole party is mugging that player, you cannot mug that same player individually. So for example: Bob and his friends are mugging Jim, Jim is being mugged by the whole party, so no one else in Bob's party is allowed to mug Jim. They all have to follow the timer until they can mug again EVEN if a player leaves Bob's party, they STILL have to wait.


2. During a raid with a party, your advert has to include party raid, or each of your party member has to say raid.


3. Each party member is given the option to have 5 fading doors in your base, but this does NOT mean you can have more than 5 one way props.


4. You and your party can't keep placing the same hit on a player over and over and over. If you (the party leader) or a party member of a group places a hit on someone, no one in your party is allowed to place a hit on that same person until after the cooldown. If someone leaves the party and places a hit on that same person, they too must follow the cooldown.


5. If you're found trying to find loopholes or exploits of any possible way for you and your party, you WILL be banned, and so will your party members.


6. You CANNOT inventory your own party's printers (unless given permission!) but if you were not given any form of permission, your whole inventory will be wiped clean and given back to those you stole from.