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Void DarkRP Server Suggestions


Due to the limitations of the Suggestions addon on the server addon, we've decided to move the Suggestion area here.


To properly have this idea succeed, first you need to make a Thread, and provide your Suggestion.

Then people go to your thread, and leave a comment saying "I upvote this" or "I downvote this"


If your Suggestion is liked enough it'll be given a reply by the Owner, of it being 'In-Progress', 'Implemented', or 'Declined'.

If it's Declined, you'll be given a description as to why it was Declined.

If it's stuck In-Progress for a long while, you'll be given a description as to why it's stuck.

If it's Implemented, you'll be told it's been added to the server.


So feel free to start making Threads!


My Suitcase Boombox Project

  • Posted on: 4 December 2016

    So I got inspired to build a suitcase boombox recently by a simple picture on google. I'm not sure why I was so drawn to the idea but I decided that I really wanted to make something similar. I guess I liked the retro appearance of the suitcase and the nice sleek speakers that reside on the front. Lucky for my I just got my paycheck and thanks to covering a couple shifts, I made about $250 with part time hours. Time to gether the parts

Americans In the Polls!

  • Posted on: 14 July 2016
Trump's Ugly ass face

As it turns out, americans are not yet ready to watch their country go to hell, instead they are making the drastic move to end it all, take their life, and in turn not have to vote. We go to Degen's younger older father/brother or mother

"Im not sure if its the air, but im feeling stoned. Is this colorado?"

"well..." I then tossed up my joint and ended the conversation.


for all we know there is only one hope for america,

WW3 - war of the internet. I took a moment to ask some questions to the real degen


About Void Community

  • Posted on: 12 July 2016
Void Shall Live On

What Is Void Community?

Void Community is a Community run by three individuals. Three really close and trusted friends. This community is also aimed at to be a community where once you join, you are joining a family. Here at Void we accept players of any kind, we do not judge others, and we try our best to make your gaming experience on our servers the best we possibly can.

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